Regret Meaning

Regret Meaning


We will explain what Regret means in Tamil throughout this post.

Meaning in Tamil : வருத்தம்

Explanation / Description :

In Tamil : நீங்கள் தவறு செய்திருந்தால், நீங்கள் வருத்தப்படுவீர்கள்.

In English : Regret is an emotion that we all feel at times. It's when we wish we had done something differently in the past. But how many regrets should we feel over our actions?

If you've made a mistake, then you probably regret it. However, there are some things that you might only realise were mistakes after they happen. For example, if you make a bad decision, you might think that you did everything right but didn't. It is called hindsight bias.


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