Obsessed Meaning

Obsessed Meaning


Throughout this post, we will explain what Obsessed means in Tamil.

Meaning in Tamil : ஆவேசப்பட்ட, அன்பு

Explanation / Description :

In Tamil : ஏதோவொன்றின் மீது ஆக்ரோஷமான அன்பு, நினைவாகவே இரு

In English : An inability to stop thinking about something

Obsession means being so focused on something that you lose sight of everything else.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterised by recurrent thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that cause distress or interfere with normal life. It's also called an obsessive-compulsive disorder because people with OCD often feel compelled to repeat certain actions repeatedly.

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