Bliss Meaning

Bliss Meaning


You're missing out if you've never heard of the Tamil meaning of bliss.

Meaning in Tamil : பேரின்பம்

Explanation / Description :

In Tamil : மிகுந்த மகிழ்ச்சி

In English :  

"Bliss" comes from the Latin word for "happy." In ancient times, people believed that when someone was in bliss, they had been blessed by God.

The word bliss comes from the Latin word "blissus," which means happy.

Today, we use the term "bliss" to describe a feeling of joy, peace, and satisfaction. We often associate bliss with positive emotions such as love, hope, and gratitude. However, there's no reason why bliss has to be limited to positive feelings. People who suffer from severe depression often feel blissful because they're not aware of the negative aspects of their lives.

What does it mean to be "Blissed"?

If you've ever felt blissful, you probably understand what it feels like. You might even think that you're happy all the time. But, according to psychologists, bliss isn't just a fleeting emotion. In fact, it's something that people strive for throughout life.

Psychologists say that bliss is a feeling of deep contentment, peace, and joy. And while some people feel blissful all the time, others experience it from time to time. Bliss is often associated with positive emotions such as love, gratitude, and awe. However, researchers say that bliss only sometimes comes from external sources. For example, people who are depressed sometimes feel blissful because they can appreciate the simple things in life.

In his book The Happiness Trap, psychologist Shawn Achor explains that we tend to think of bliss as something that comes from outside ourselves. He writes, "We believe that if we could just get enough money, love, or fame, then we would be happy." But he says that's not true at all. "The truth is that most of us are already living our best lives," he says. "We just haven't realised it yet."

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